Pasta and bijoux in Rione Monti, Rome

How to spend a great weekend? Just go to Rome and visit Rione Monti bijoux! This area is maybe one of the most old fashioned and attractive part of the city, seen also that is one of the most ancient district of Rome.

If you’re lucky you can enjoy weird people and lots of handmade products: handmade jewelry and vintage clothes, local Trattoria with homemade pasta and happy people going around!
The first place to enjoy is the famous Market named ‘Mercato Monti Urban Market’:

Mercato Monti Urban Market, Rome

Mercato Monti Urban Market, Rome

Mercato Monti Urban Market, Rome

Mercato Monti Urban Market, Rome

Mercato Monti Urban Market, Rome

Mercato Monti Urban Market, Rome

this market is the perfect mix between artistic handmade products – as vintage leather bags and handmade rings and bracelets – and extrovert dressed people who look like living in a movie ๐Ÿ˜

Handmade products in Mercato Monti Urban Market, Rome

Handmade products in Mercato Monti Urban Market, Rome

image image image imageAll these handmade rings and earrings are so cute, a sort of cartoons pieces that look like funny if worn fine.

And then this authentic bijoux – handmade as well..

Handmade products in Mercato Monti Urban Market, Rome

Handmade products in Mercato Monti Urban Market, Rome

Handmade products in Mercato Monti Urban Market, Rome

Handmade products in Mercato Monti Urban Market, Rome

Then, if you wanna enjoy an Italian taste, go toย Pasta Imperiale

image imageyou can choose among a wide range of pasta..’linguine’, ‘tagliatelle’, ‘farfalle’ and so on…

Pasta Imperiale in Rione Monti, Rome

Pasta Imperiale in Rione Monti, Rome

Pasta Imperiale, Rione Monti in Rome

Pasta Imperiale, Rione Monti in Rome

Pasta Imperiale in Rione Monti, Rome

Pasta Imperiale in Rione Monti, Rome

imageJust have a look to what I ate with my friends:

Broccoli and walnuts gnocchi

Broccoli and walnuts gnocchi

Broccoli and walnuts tagliatelle

Broccoli and walnuts tagliatelle

Broccoli and walnuts whole wheat farfalle

Broccoli and walnuts whole wheat farfalle

for any more info.. Just leave your comment!

#NoteOfTheDay La Dolce Vita by Nino Rota


OneDay #ExpoMilano2015 – How to eat (and drink)ย 

#OneDayExpo would be the very correct hashtag for this article, seen that all the pictures and adventures you’re gonna read have passed in one only Saturday. 

Let’s start from the morning, 12pm at Rho station, where Expo is located: go there with your very old friends is one of the coolest things you can do. The younger you are, the most you can enjoy music at nightime; the more adult you are, the more you can enjoy pavilions walks and nice aperitivos with mixed food from all around the world. Guess in which category are my friends and me ๐Ÿ˜ ?!

Let’s begin – it’s gonna be a very long storytelling 

pieces of the Milan Cathedral


Korea ‘two’ like the hours we waited to enter


Guess where are from?!

Japan – Korea – Sri Lanka – Italy – UK, everybody in the same line ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

Korean Pavilion:

Korean comedy


Its aim was to show the harmony of food, how a part ofthe world should not been overfed and how to eat:

world’s consumption of bad food


spoon and sticks- fundamental staff


first exhibit representing words about all the food in the world


against obesity




time, symphony, food harmony

Here it follows a series of projections about fruits and food mixing sorrounded by a perfect ideal sound (you should live this immersive experience!)  




food fermentation


red chilli paste


fermented cabbage


Korean food and symbols


Korean tables – view from the top


Keep on the tour






Artistic Italian 500 made by architect Fabio Novembre:








#kazakistan – the great missed pavilion, 5hours queue!!



  Going towards Holland luna park:

#Holland – share grow live


imagine different: food for all


Italian pavilion

 Tree of Life and Italian pavilion on the right – more details later ๐Ÿ˜‰

tree of life


The Chinese Vanke Pavilion building created to symbolize the red dragon: all the bricks are red metalized and made by self-cleaning and sustainable material ๐Ÿ‘น



Chinese building by Vanke – the real estate leading company of China

  #Montenegro Republic

#Montenegro Republic






Egyptian sacred cats ‘Mau’


inside the Egyptian pavilion


augmented reality in the mirror


giant millstone in the roof




#Algerian style


#CocaCola pavilion

Here you are the Italian mascotte representing the 2014 business wedding: 

Alitalia – Etihad mascottes


flight simulator


Alitalia – Etihad, Expo Milano 2015


#Mauritania #Jordan


inside Mauritania

American Pavilion  2.0 – actually I didn’t go inside, I just saw it was based on trucks and US main brands about food, as you can see here: 
At night, instead, projections were very impressive, with colorful lights projected on waterfalls coming from the flag and watering plants…


#Turkey #MilanoExpo2015


#playjng with ceramics

View from the top: Italian Pavilion on the left, Tree of life in the right – the very symbols of the Expo created by Orgoglio Brescia, a consortium of northern Italian businesses and designed by Marco Balich

#Italy and Tree of life

 It has been inspired by the Campidoglio in Rome,starting from a oval-shape with a 12 pointed-star that symbolize the constellation:   

work of art ‘alive’


#Ecuador pavilion

Now, let’s see one of the top innovative Country of this Expo: Israeli. Its vertical grain and corn fields are shown all around the pavilion – walls are completely covered by these cultivations. It has a very low environmental impact and it’s one of the new evolutive trend in the agricultural fields in the world!

Israeli fields of the future


#Israeli pavilion


red horse in the fields of France pavilion


#France pavilion


a golden pig for France exhibit

On the roof you can see all the basic activities for human being and resources fo the French land, from phishing to lavender, wines, cheese… 

lavender of France


inside French pavilion


Now it’s on South America: 

grain and corn plants


corn plants


along Iran Pavilion

It was a damage to not have the chance to go inside these wonderful sails named Kuwait  
Here’s Qatar: parts of The pavilion representing The Jefeer, ora typical food container made by palm leaves:  

#Oman Sultanate




#Cruciani at Expo and Japan in the back

 And finally, let’s end with colore and seeds, the Japanese ones:  

Here it ends the #oneDayExpoMilan2015, too short to visit everything, fair enough to have a look around and think a little bit about the gap among the different countries, the gap you can taste just by considering how the pavilions look different, how smart they are, how they  use specific materials trying to avoide the waste of time, resources, energy, food. Because there are countries, people, who cannot. #FeedingThePlanet #EnergyForLife

The most popular ‘schiacciata’ in Florence

The most popular schiacciata in Florence is made by the staff of All’antico vinaio in Via De Neri, near Santa Croce.

It’s a very old and typical place where if you’re lucky enough you can sit inside the little restaurant. In the most of cases, you will enjoy a wonderful huge schiacciata by sitting on the pavements in the streets.

But what’s schiacciata? Here you are the answer: 

schiacciata with funnel salami


typical bread used for schiacciata

Generally, the bread in Tuscany is without salt – that’s why it’s not considered as one of the most delicious, and that’s maybe why schiacciata became the most popular one ๐Ÿ˜

olive oil and salt on the bread


The menรน looks like having lots of schiacciate also called focacce (my favourite one is La Favolosa):

All’antico vinaio menu- Florence


funnel salami and cured salami


Here you are some other ingredients you can add in your schiacciata:

tomatoes, mozzarellas, mushroom and cheese creams


Italian roasted porchetta


cheese from Maremma


prosciutto!! smoked ham

That’s it! Here you are a little souvenir from the Antico Vinaio of Florence, if you want to enjoy it, just go in this legendary street Via de Neri in the back of Palazzo Vecchio, just five minutes walking from there.

Sun(ny)day in Bolognaย 

Just taking blablacar for the first time in my life to go spending one day in Bologna, and today it is supposed to be the Patron Day of the city. 

Fortunately there were not so many people going all around, and fortunately somebody already booked for me in a very tipical restaurant ๐Ÿ˜Ž 

Let’s start from some squares and the most popular streets of Bologna:

the famous ‘Via Zamboni’


Piazza Verdi – Bologna


San Donato’s Church – Bologna


torre dell’Asinello – Bologna


San Petronio – Bologna


piazza Maggiore Bologna

Going down the streets you can discover lovely places where you can taste typical foods like prosciutto (ham), meat, tortellini (traditional pasta), good wine and so on… 

smoked ham in hostaria


typical tortellini -pasta of Bologna


traditional butchery


coop library


In one of the corner of the city centre, here you are the oldest cafe: Zanarini with one of the best coffee in Bologna, famous for its cakery, where all the bolognesi go:

Zanarini, the oldest cafe in Bologna


chocolate in Zanarini


choco credit cards and iPods ๐Ÿ˜ณ

And here you are some nice and weird shots โ˜บ๏ธ:

heels made of stone


motorbike with sidecar ?!

 Et voila! Here you are the best you can have: piada, crescentine, squaquerone and prosciutto – that is to say: typical pastry with cheese cream and smoked ham, everything is absolutely handmade and taste special! 

piada on the left, crescentine, squaquerone and prosciutto


lots of different salami and cured meats


typical crescentine (fried pastry)


traditional soup with tortellini


typical pasta named ‘garganelli’ with saffron and black cabbage

 Here’s my day in Bologna! See you on next trip!

Ibiza 2015 – party calendar #tastetherealibiza

#tastetherealibiza is what I’ve just read on the flyer I took ad a souvenir from my vacation on the isle. 

I’ve just realized it’s the whole ‘temporada’ – how it is named the party-season, from June until the end of October.

Just to have a clear idea of the isle, here you are the northern side with the fantastic Sant Antoni and its bays like Cala Comte, Cala Tarida and so on… 

One of the most advertised activities are the boat-parties film of entertainers, live music, club transfers, shows, chill out and sun areas and all makes you think about funny beats and crowds!

Ibiza isle – boat party

Here we are, let’s go talking about the less known places where I’ve spent some days, to finish with the most popular and maybe necessary places to go (otherwise it’s not worth enough to go to Ibiza ๐Ÿ˜Ž)

Mambo Cafe to enjoy a subasta aperitivo or dinner; it’s opposite to Cafe del Mar, but even more better if you love alternative-funky music. Whereas Cafe del Mar, I think it’s more for posh people, maybe for breakfast or a prosecco, for lovers. Then, Satrinxa, in the Southern coast, where you must have aperitivo with music – but take your drink and go directly into the sea!

Mambo Cafe and Satrinxa in Ibiza

  Just one more note about Satrinxa: there you can see the famous las salinas of the isle, where the popular ‘Salt of Ibiza’ is produced.

Here some other places as Can Yucas in Cala Tarida – wonderful restaurant, and Can Berri bar restaurant – a more bohรฉmienne and rural place in Sant Agustรญ: 

Can Yucas – Ibiza


bar Can Berri in Ibiza


And then the tiny and welcoming Rock Cafe at the harbour, runned by an English lady, where an Italian guy can show you his artistic cocktails:

the Rock bar – Ibiza


And then the 2015 calendar for the summer, sponsored by Pacha:  

summer 2015 #tastetherealibiza Ibiza


Sundays at Pacha: Solomun


Monday: Aoki’s playhose


Tuesday: Flower Power Ibiza


Wednesday: Martin Solveig – My house night


Thursday – fuck me I’m famous: David Guetta & friends


Friday: Insane


Saturday: pura Pacha and Paris Hilton party (with foam!)


๐Ÿ˜ lovely stickers calendar


Super vintage shop of Florence:

I was out of the office, going towards via de Neri in Santa Croce. I decided to pass by the narrows surrounding the Dome and I found this weird place with everything in it! Everything was so vintage that made everybody curious to look more and more to disocover all those little things that maybe you were used in the past, when you were a child.

Let’s start from vintage radios (those ade just some shelves ๐Ÿ˜…):

vintage radios


dominos and games


the first letters used for the press


tissues, radios and vintage air


sort of mini basket game


And here you see the funniest side: lots of posters from the 80s and first of 90s, the ones you have in your school room…

– The following pic shows the word ‘codesta’ that is a Tuscan word which means ‘this’ –

wonderful old style school posters


school poster about pronouns


Note that the decorations are the old letters that were sent by air:

entry in the second room


mirros, bedside lamps, mannequin


LP case


old TV and radio signs


arts installation?!

Find yourself your favourite gadgets and tools and accessories and equipments:  

vintage gadgets and accessories


vintage schoolbags


#pomidoro – vintage tomatoes


Enjoy your tour, have a look to the world this shop shows you ๐Ÿ˜Š

Florence best rooftop ever: I don’t wanna move from here ๐Ÿ˜

I’m not a snob and I don’t want to give you a wrong feeling, but believe me, the photos you’ll see in this article really represent the top rooftop of the city, or better, the very center of the city.

Some photos show you Santa Croce, Green mosque, the fantastic Dome, by day and by night:  

jakuzi Florence



top view of the Dome


towards Santa Croce


Green mosque on the left



Dome of Florence


just need beachwear

some pictures by night:


wonderful Dome


1 year with #WSBK2015 – Ducati, Davide, Chaz and brand new

Yes, it’s almost finished, World Superbike Championship is coming to an end. There is already the winner of 2015 but I want to share some exclusive moments I have been lucky to enjoy.

Let’s start from the very first and official launch of the new SBK Team, directly from the data Centers based in Arezzo, where brand is from.

 Part 1 – Arezzo data center



getting ready Racing – Ducati Superbike Team


Mr Stefano Cecconi, Team Principal


Domenicali, Ducati Motor Holding



the new mix: Cecconi, Domenicali, riders and the rest of the Team


Davide Giugliano official rider, Daniele Casolari by FeelRacing


Chaz Davies, official rider

Part 2 – Misano World Circuit ‘Marco Simoncelli’   

the entry – Misano World Circuit Racing Ducati Superbike Team


Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli


Ducati Superbike Team


inside the circuit


work in progress – movie? commercial? real frames


got it – 4k motion



Part 3 – Ducati box, Chaz Number 7, Scassa and picsinside


Ducati Panigale R – number 7 Chaz Davies


Chaz Davies,, BFT, emc


Luca Scassa


Chaz Davies


Luca Scassa


advanced tools for 4k motion commercial


It was surprisingly unexpected: excited to be in the Ducati box durino their private tests, excited to be in the circuit during their laps, excited to be part of those experience…and the best is yet to come 

– follow me to discover the wsbk rounds and riders and Ducati hospitality – ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Florence tips – 10 places you should goย 

Florence is a wonderful city and, above all, a small wonderful city, so that you can hang around and see a lot of things at the same time. Good job ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Here you are some pictures about what you can enjoy in the city…and where:

 1. #Mayday Club, organic cocktail and weird owner in Via Dante Alighieri

weird stuff Mayday




Mayday icons directly from the 50s


2.#Hemingway chocolate Cafe 

dark chocolate 90%


inside Hemingway choco cafe


choco spoons


3.#MaurizioSalici Antiques & lifestyle in Via Santo Spirito, look at these particular signs and high-level gadgets:

Maurizio Salici antiques in Via Santo Spirito


4.#Venchi chocolate stores (near Piazza del Porcellino and the new one in Via Calzaiuoli):

Venchi chocolate


5.#FourSeason hotel in Borgo Pinti with its sculpture Gardens:  

Gherardesca garden


contemporary sculpture


sculptures by Piva


Masks in Four Season gardens


Four Season – the hall



inside Four Season where you can enjoy aperitivo

6.#LaProsciutteria for good wine and aperitivo in Via de Neri:

‘prosciutti’ from Italy


La Prosciutteria – Via de Neri


la Prosciutteria – top wine


7.#yogurt & co. Top yogurt of the city in the city centre, via de Tosinghi


work of art made by yogurt

8.#Rivoire, one of the oldest and classic cafe of the city – actually, the name Rivoire, or better the surname, if by a family of Piemonte who started its business there:

Negroni jam


the real Negroni


history of Negroni

#9.Arte de Ciompi Shop in Via Cerretani, where you can find handmade souvenir made by leather that could be books, blocknotes, frames and so on…   

#10.GoldenView, a little fashionist cafe corner on Ponte Vecchio, where you can enjoy not so regular cocktails ๐Ÿ˜ 

aperitivo with roasted rabbit, potatoes and cocktails with rosemary and mint


teapot cocktail


not only proseccos

New places coming soon!

Live from Belle Epoque market in Florenceย 

I don’t know why tourists and Italians would buy gadgets from Paris in Florence, but it works this way ๐Ÿ˜ณ

I’m exactly in Santissima Annunziata Square and there’s this Parisienne market where you can find everything from souvenirs representing Tour Eiffel, bags, jewelry and fake representation of Moulin Rouge!

Here you are a little demo ๐Ÿ˜ and if you want to enjoy it remember it will be open until next weekend


beginning with onions stand ๐Ÿ˜


wonderful lavender flavour


savon de Paris


choco parisienne


textile and shirts


moulin rouge – belle epoque



piazza santissima annunziata


lovely half-gothic jewelry ๐Ÿ˜


handmade French Jewelry


recycled glass for aquarius


…and obviously cheese

More info here